The olive harvest is over, …… .by Monday all the “Colli Etruschi della Città di Vulci” organic extra virgin olive oil will be labeled and ready for shipment.
Those who have already ordered during the week will be contacted by the courier for delivery.

Below is our agronomic strategy and crop processing that allows us to obtain an organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality:

1. cultivation in the area with microclimate with temperatures and humidity unfavorable to the Dacus Oleae (Olive Fly)

2. cultivated variety that ripe late in autumn (Canino grafted on wild olive trees) that does not present conditions of development of the fruit, suitable for the attack of the fly

3. early harvest of the olives, which avoids a possible autumn attack of the fly and which is fundamental to obtain a high quality of the product (greater content of polyphenols and oleocanthal) despite this involves an important decrease in oil yield

4. milling in the mill of the last generation (mill that limits the contact of the aqueous fraction with the oleic one and does not recur to processes that generate the loss of volatile compounds, the ones gives important organoleptic fruity notes typical of the product)

5. filtration of the product; the latter operation that determines a further increase in costs and reduction of yields but which guarantees the absence of turbidity due to substances in suspension.

Not everyone is aware that an unfiltered oil containing residues of water and peroxides is a poorly durable and tendentially poor quality product. Peroxides in fact cause the decomposition of triglycerides determining the release of free fatty acids in the oil, a condition that exponentially alters the quality of the product itself over time; product that will tend to express the characteristic rancid taste. Buying an unfiltered product means buying a product with objectively worse quality characteristics. Selling a not filtered virgin olive oil is only a marketing operation without real feedback on the real value of the product.

These precautions allow us to guarantee a high quality product in organic farming and finally organic extra virgin olive oil with intense fruity and artichoke olfactory taste notes and final harmonious sensations of bitter and spicy!!!!

Quality that allows us to be selected annually in the small group of Italian Slow Food Presidia.

The oil is available from the next few days in packs of 5 liters and in bottles of 0.5 liters at the same price as in previous years.