The oil of the Etruscan hills “Colli Etruschi della Città di Vulci” is a unique organic product given by the combination of wild olive and Canino Cultivar. The olive grove of origin of the product is not transplanted but has been obtained from a Mediterranean bush. In fact, the plants are not in rows but are scattered on a hill. The product is particularly organoleptically “valuable” given that it is made up of 90% of the “Canino” cultivar and 10% of wild olive trees “Olivella” (superior quality variety rich in polyphenols, terpenes and oleocanthal); the olive orchard is grafted onto centuries-old wild olive trees (Olea Europea), an exclusive feature that enhances the fruity flavor. The company's organic extra virgin olive oil is produced in limited quantities and sold only to the first customers. Due to the strict rules for organic production, certification is only possible after the verification of all phases, from production to processing, by a recognized inspection body. Production is controlled by CCPB.

By popular demand: the 2021 selection of extra virgin olive oil (