Caseificio Maremma in Tuscia

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Francesca Mancas's “Maremmaintuscia” dairy company was founded in 2000 between the Maremma Laziale and Tuscia Viterbese and its origins date back to the years ’50 when her grandfather embarked with his family and his flock of sheep from Sardina to land on the continent. When Mr. Manca known as “Nino” , the owner's father grew up, he dedicated himself with passion and competence to the production of various types of pecorino and thanks to his experience as a breeder and cheesemaker, his daughter learned the art of cheese making. Today the dairy, mix tradition, innovation and feminine originality, using modern machinery for the production of a wide range of cheeses including Cacio di Nonno Nino, raw milk pecorino from Viterbo, thermised milk pecorino from Tuscia, Etruscan pecorino from Maremma, Erba Tuscia blue pecorino, Soft cloud creamy sheep's milk pecorino, lemon pecorino, lavender pecorino and other stuffed and aged pecorino, which thanks to a process called “cold” are healthy and highly digestible.
Sheep products are made exclusively with:
- local SHEEP milk that is delivered by a cooperative of farmers in the Tuscia area of Viterbo or collected directly from the dairy at a selected stable if processed raw.
- natural rennet in paste
- salt
In addition to pecorino cheese, the following are also produced:
- pure sheep ricotta following the original processing dictated by the Roman and Viterbo tradition
- fior di latte and scamorza cheese using cow's milk which is collected at Coop. Latte Piu' from Cerveteri (RM), Italy.
Quality , Originality and Courtesy always distinguish us.
The presentation of ours two well known products as been made both at Cheese 2015, 2017 and at the Salone del Gusto 2016: the pecorino “Il cacio di nonno Nino” made with 100% raw milk and the “Erba Tuscia sheep's blue cheese” made with 100% raw milk.
Tuscia Viterbese brand quality products.

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